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Portugal has a huge diversity. If you still do not know where to go, explore the regions below and see what we've found for you.

Madeira & Azores

Stunning Atlantic

True Atlantic pearls, here are the Portuguese tropics. How can such a small territory be so beautiful? Madeira is the island of thousand-and-one exotic flowers and fruits, mountains that revere unforgettable sunrises, dense forests and adventurous paths. Around it, a magnificent sea. On the island of Porto Santo you can enjoy one of the most impressive beaches in Portugal, nine kilometers long. All combined in good African breezes and Portuguese flavors.

Nine fantastic islands erected even in the middle of the Atlantic by volcanic forces, now dormant. The archipelago is greener than the green itself, where at every corner the impact of the landscape takes us to an almost unbelievable world. Did you know that an extraordinary wine is made here too? The Azores are a truly unique universe, tailored to our great passion for a purer planet.

Oporto & Douro

Wine and soul

Unique, hospitable, and reliable. This is the North of Portugal. Cities and villages with a thousand years of history. Breathtaking landscapes, magical mountains, healthy beaches, cozy rivers. It is the Douro Valley, the second oldest demarcated wine region on the planet, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sweeping and tasty. It is the mystical splendor of Trás-os-Montes, of Celtic tradition, with authentic gastronomy. It is the Minho region, so green and so atlantic. It is the Serra do Gerês, the country's only National Park - adventure territory! Start in the incredible city of Oporto and experience the North with passion.

Exploring the Douro is to initiate in the wine mysteries. On the slopes of the valley of this river full of personality grow the grapes from which is born the famous port wine and other nectars of the highest quality. All in a breathtaking landscape that is explored by boat, in a historical train... World Heritage, as well as another of its treasures: the Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley, the most important site in the world with outdoor rock art. Once in a lifetime, it has to be seen.

Coimbra & Center

Heart of the country

From its millennial university radiate memories, emotions and revolutions. Start here to explore the sensitive interior of the country, navigating the waters of the mythical river Mondego.

Lisbon & Surroundings

Paths of diversity

This is Lisbon, the magnificent gateway to Europe - and the perfect way to get to the center of Portugal. Challenge perfect waves on the beaches that surround you, breathe the purest air and relax on the stunning golf courses. This is also a region that is a land of faith, respect, tolerance and spirituality. Here the body and mind are revitalized. Go through the many paths of memories and traditions of our national identity and let yourself be carried away by a smooth rhythm of life.

Évora & Alentejo

Glow of the Plain

In Portugal, there is no more intense sun than the one that warms the Alentejo, the vast southern plain begins at the Lisbon gates. To the sound of "cante", a traditional anthem that UNESCO declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, take the road through a world of great historical importance. This is one of the most valuable gastronomic traditions in Portugal. The Alentejo is all about pleasure, everywhere.


In the South of the South

All the poetry of southern Portugal and North Africa combine in this extensive and seductive region. The Mediterranean weather and culture bathe and define the Algarve, the most popular tourist destination in the country - but still with many secrets to discover. From here departed the ships and caravels of the Portuguese Discoveries. Its familiar or inhospitable beaches and a refreshing mountain range are beyond reproach. Plenty of golf, good fish and arabesque towns and cities. The most beautiful seafront in Europe is absolutely idyllic.


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Welcome to the true Portugal

The blog that shows what others do not even suspect

TempoVip Blog will reveal to you an extraordinary Portugal.
We'll show you little-known experiences, surprising tourism facilities and simple and genuine places. Stay tuned.

Tempovip Blog

Private visit to Heritage monuments

Are you a history and architecture fan? Do you love to mix up your holidays with enriching programs? If yes, it is a good thing you are coming over to Portugal!

Tempovip Blog

Portuguese Historic Hotels

Undisputed icon of Portuguese hospitality!

Tempovip Blog

VIP Airport Assistance

Hate wasting time at airports? Lines make you anxious? Making your way around the airport in the middle of the crowd is a “no no” for you? We get you, oh we do (sight!)...

Tempovip Blog

Extreme Experiences

Thirst for adrenaline? Hungry for adventure? We have the right menu for you!

Tempovip Blog

Center of Portugal

Enchanted castles, villages that seem afloat in time and space. Mesmerizing mountain ranges, beaches where yours will be the only footprints around. Add up to this a rich monumental heritage, a handful of traditions that time could not erase, superb gastronomy and some of the most appreciated wines.

Tempovip Blog

The magical archipelago

It’s one of the most magical places on Earth - trust us, we have been to a few!

Tempovip Blog

Portuguese gastronomy

Are you a foodie? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Portugal: one of the most appetising countries in the world!

Tempovip Blog

Vicentina Coast

Vicentina Coast is an adventure book, a History book, and also an encyclopedia of botanic and zoology.

Tempovip Blog

Family Holidays

Ready for some family holidays? No, not really! In fact, no one is truly ready for the hard work that it takes to schedule and plan a family holiday: booking hotels and restaurants, and handling the conflict of interests of children wanting to get busy doing a thousand things and parents longing for some a quiet time at the beach.

Tempovip Blog

The most amazing gastronomic experience in Portugal

The Presidential is the premier luxury experience, redesigned at each edition, to bring the world´s leading culinary talents to the most beautiful corners of the country, aboard the most exquisite train in Portugal's history.

Tempovip Blog

Algarve beyond the beaches

Pst! Tell no one, we have a secret to share with you: there is much more to Algarve than those beautiful beaches you’ve seen in the postcards!

Tempovip Blog

Vintage Luxury

What if your trip to Portugal was inspired by a James Bond movie? "That sounds nice, but will I have to fight a villain?", Some of you may ask. Not at all! All you'll have to do is enjoy the best part of the Bond movies - the glamorous one which includes excellent classic cars, luxurious hotels, dreamy landscapes, and the very best restaurants!

Tempovip Blog

Follow the prehistory in the shale villages

Do you wish to venture into hidden Portugal? The one that is sheltered from the prying eyes of most tourists, apart from the major cities and away from the magnificent beaches that hit the cover of travel magazines?

Tempovip Blog

Passionate about wine?

Curious about the art of enology? Fascinated about the many secrets of winemaking? If so, you’ll be happy to read the next few lines and discover how many great things you can do when it comes to wine tourism, and that goes well beyond the usual wine tasting.

Tempovip Blog

Ideas for spring or summer vacation? We have!

With pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine, a springtime mini-break or a summer vacation is an excellent opportunity to discover Portugal. Why?

Tempovip Blog

Time Capsule

Singer Madonna, actors Monica Bellucci and Michael Fassbender, footballer Eric Cantona and footwear designer Christian Louboutin may all have moved to Portugal (no, they don't live together ...), but they still have a lot to know about a very sophisticated and authentic country, full of diversity and astonishing places.

Tempovip Blog

Between the stars and the wine

If Monsanto is the truest Portuguese town, it's even better to arrive in the country during ​the ​most Portuguese season of all, spring. One of its riches is the fact that the skies are open to contemplation, literally.

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